Qualified specialists

Qualified specialists

Qualifications approved both to national as international level ...

Our philosophy

Our philosophy

The body is the expression of our thoughts and emotions

Multidisciplinary treatments

Multidisciplinary treatments

... Therapeutic massage, Psychosomatics, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Craniosacral, Bioenergetics, Natural beauty,...

Oriental treatments

Oriental treatments

Acupuncture, Reiki, Thai Massage, Taoist Chi nei Tsang Massage, Ayurveda Medicine,...

We take care of You

We take care of You

Personal care and customized treatment in a relaxing and comforting atmosphere...

Body Therapy and Bioenergetics

Body Therapy and Bioenergetics

For several years he practicing martial arts and in 1999 he started to interested in the therapeutic part of this philosophy and began his training path in Traditional Japanese Medicine so called Amatsu Tátara, completing the Jodan and Chudan level, this meant the starting point into the manual therapies world.


Continued in 2001 with the Osteopathy study (structural, visceral and craniosacral) at the CIDO Academy with Francisco Fajardo, Chairman and Professor of the Center. Completely passionate about this magnificent form of health understanding, he continued his path and he graduated in the Rebalancing Global System (RGS) method, a specialization of advanced OSTEOPATHY.


In 2004 he started his studies of Naturopatía Holística, Chiropractic massage and essential oils therapeutic grade Raindrop method and continuing with other specialties like Auriculopuncture, Foot reflexology, Sports massage and advanced Chiropractic massage, Akkinson method, Lymphatic drainage and Reiki-USUI. Understanding the human being as a whole of systems and making it almost impossible to meet someone using only one of the therapies that he practice, he developed its own 'BALANCE HOLISTIC' method where he collects the most effective and functional among each discipline.


After several years in his own activity and collaborations in several centers, in 2016 becomes a part of Karuna-Natural Health equipment such as Therapist and Trainer sharing and teaching his method to other manual therapies Specialists.

Luis Alberto Larrosa Jardiel

In 2000 she starts the Holistic therapies path, studying for two years Aromatherapy, Psychosomatics, Phytocosmetics and Holistic massage at the Public University of Cremona. At the same time she started to practiced meditation and other insightful techniques that lead her to personally experience the importance of breathing and the inertia of thinking on health.


Understanding the value of the result which the development experience have had on her personal growth, she recognized in Franco Amade, Doctor and Physiotherapist, a way of integrating this potential that we all have and enhance any treatment by learning Dermo-Brush massage technique created by him. From this experience she learned the importance of passion, dedication and care that the hands of a masseur transmitted to send relief to the body and mind.

In 2005 she approached the Ayurveda philosophy and she received the complete formation of Ayurvedic massage from Dr. Aglio.

In 2008 she continue to deepen this discipline traveling to Nepal where she had the opportunity to integrate other forms of therapy ayurveda like nutrition, meditation and the use of poultices among other techniques at the "Manmohan Memorial College and Teaching Hospital" school in Kathmandu where she worked as collaborator for a time. Ayurveda transforms her life and she discover the importance of consciousness in health, as in nutrition, respiration as in movement and how "unconscious" mental processes may weaken us but could strong us when we make them "aware".


The body is only the parchment where these processes are printed.

Daniela Ardigo

She began to explore the world of welfare in 1980 through the Western therapeutic massage in several Italian Professional Schools and continuous with the specialties in Lymphatic drainage, Sports massage, Relaxing and Aromatherapy at the Shirley Price School. The massage was not properly her job, realy her passion.


In 1992 this leads her to explore the massage techniques with curiosity, studying and finding Oriental techniques such as Thai and Ayurvedic massage. Hers interest was always the psychophysical balance, with the conviction that emotional problems are reflected in our body and that we need to find a balance between both.

In 1994 she had the possibility to work as a volunteer in several Italian Hospitals projects as for example the Barcola-Aurisina Mental Health Center, giving Thai massage treatments to patients with psychological disorders and confirming different improvements in their states of mind. Hers experience in these initiatives strengthens its idea which harmonizing and rebalancing the body, people improve their pathologies and their life. In 2006 she completely involved in body therapy.


In 2009 she started her knowledge in Craniosacral Biodynamic where she discovers a new world within the massage, and in 2012 she complete her education graduating as a Professional Operator. During hers Academic period she carried out six months of clinical practice in the Maddalena Mental Health Center in Trieste (Italy). Craniosacral therapy was something important that was missing for a long time, a discipline that reaches beyond the manual common technique, a way to enter in relation with the person helping her/him to connect more deeply with her/himself. As smooth as deep contact which helps rebalance all aspects, physical, mental, spiritual and energetic.


Her vision is that body - mind and spirit go together, and when the body speaks we must be pay attention, because he has something important to tell us.

Lory Riccardi

Luis Manuel Fernández Llamazares

In 2003 began his career in the natural therapies through Reiki in Rishikesh, India, with Shíam Smile master, direct student of Osho.

Continuous deepening the body knowledge, formed in other branches like Therapeutic massage, Sports massage, Foot reflexology and applying Reiki as a volunteer in the Ramon y Cajal Hospital in Madrid through the Fundación Sauce.

In 2012 he returned to India and runs through Asia to deepen the relationship body- mind, the central focus to health in the East, and he found this connection in Thai massage and massage Taoist Chi nei Tsang. During one year he is formed in several schools studying different health styles and collaborating on various projects such as the Shamvanna clinic in Bhopal, India, that fuses the Ayurveda with modern medicine.


In 2013 coming back from Asia, he started his knowledge of Bioneuroemocion with Enric Corbera and Clinical Psychosomatic with Dr Salomon Sellam who allowed him to integrate Eastern mind-body concepts with a more Western perspective and reflected the importance of Emotional Consistency in many bodily ailments. Through this deepening path he discover the Biomagnetism and the Unified Kinesiology, Neuromuscular testing method where is possible to observe the body's natural response and how it can self-regulating with proper technique.


The result of this journey takes you to conclude that to transcend a bodily ailment it is essential to place in the perspective in which our body is not only a machine which need to be mechanically fix but an organism that you must first understand to then be able to reset.

Each one of us developed our specialty and the joint work allow us to encompass different disciplines, both in the Therapeutic massage, as in Psychosomatic, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Bioenergy and Natural aesthetic.

In our Centre you will find an custom attention and treatment both in the discipline of the therapeutic as for example through a deep decontracting or osteopathic massage, as to an anti-stress treatment for couple with floral essences, wraps of clay and other option that allow our customers to enjoy of a relaxing and comforting environment.


Each one of our specialists have a BROAD experience in their disciplines with qualifications approved both to national as international level.


Here you will find a short presentation of each member of Karuna natural health.